Provider of the « Advise Now Solutions » : template based configurations, reports or plug & play connectors to perform rapid global deployments, extend Workday applications, localizations and integrations and automate processes using robots (RPA). 

Advise Now Solutions: 

  • Prep-packaged Solutions which are contextualized based on Client needs. 
  • Most are sold on a Fixed Priced basis and include 12 months of support which can be renewed. 
  • Provides predictability and transparency on the project budget 


  • Local Chart of Accounts 
  • VAT Configuration & Returns  
  • Journal Sequencing 
  • Withholding Calculation & Reports,  
  • Local Expense rules (Mileage, Per Diem…) 




  • Localization of Customer Invoices. 
  • Withholding Certificates 
  • Employee, Supplier & Customer letters 


  • Automation of manual processes using robots (RPA solution using UI Path) 
  • RPA Managed Services (fully externalized RPA services) 

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